Oct 8, 2019

Beat Old Man Winter to the punch: Get your home prepared now for cooler weather

Yes, it has been unseasonably hot recently, but cooler weather is on the way, followed by old man winter and his relentless assault on your home comfort.

If you are already protecting your home with one of our Preferred Service Agreements, and haven’t scheduled an appointment, now is the time to schedule your checkup before the winter weather hits.

Contact Clarksville Heating & Air today for an inspection and tune-up of your home’s heating system.  Our $69 Heating Tune-Up includes:

Blower motor – Measure amperage and voltage for proper operation

Check Compressor Operation – and refrigerant charge (on heat pump systems)

✓ Check all controls and electrical connections

✓ Thermostat – Test for proper operation, calibrate & level

✓ Replace air filter as needed

✓ Carbon monoxide – Check levels & test for safety

✓ Ignition system – Test for safe, proper & reliable operation

✓ Furnace burner assembly – Clean and inspect (brush & vacuum)

✓ Heat exchanger – Inspect for cracking, rusting, flaking

✓ Safety devices – Inspect & test for proper operation

✓ Natural gas – Check for leaks

✓  Condensate drain – Flush & treat with anti-algae

✓ Electrical wiring – Inspect for unsafe conditions and tighten connections

✓ Exhaust system – Test for proper venting

✓ Check for proper combustion air

✓ Gas pressure – Test & adjust if necessary

✓ Lubricate all moving parts per manufacturer

✓ Thorough cleaning of furnace interior & exterior (vacuum & shine)

✓ Ductwork – Check dampers and inspect for energy loss – open bypass damper

✓ Measure supply/return temperature differential

✓ Measure airflow and adjust blower speed settings if necessary

✓ Test all moving parts & lubricate per manufacturer

✓ Check furnace starting capabilities
Do you need a system replacement?
Now is the perfect time to get your old system replaced with a new, energy-efficient Carrier system. Right now, we are offering $ 2,800 Off select Carrier systems.  Ask us for the details when we come out for your tune-up.
Contact Clarksville Heating & Air Today
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Tips For Working with Heating and Cooling Contractors

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