Mar 14, 2022

7 tips to make sure your HVAC is Spring Ready

It is time to start thinking about spring cleaning and ensuring your HVAC system is ready for the warmer weather. Prepare now to save time, money and possibly a lot of aggravation should your AC system go down in the middle of hot weather.

Ensure your HVAC system is ready for spring:

  1. Schedule preventative maintenance for your system. Preventative maintenance will make your HVAC system last longer by catching problems before they damage your system. A properly maintained AC unit will perform better and save you money by running more efficiently.
  2. Change your filters each season. When you change the old filters with new, clean ones, there is no dirt or dust coming back into your home. This allows your system to work more efficiently and gives you and your family cleaner air to breathe.
  3. Invest in a programmable thermostat. Wi-Fi thermostats can be programmed from your computer or mobile device, giving you the ability to control the temperature in your home while you are away, helping you keep more money in your pocket.
  4. Keep your HVAC units clean. If your heating and cooling units are outside, make sure to clear any debris gathering around the coils. Keeping leaves out of the system will undoubtedly help your system run properly.
  5. Check for any air leaks and insulate. Air leaks from your insulation can cause your HVAC to run harder and less efficiently, increasing your energy bills and costing you money.
  6. Clean all vents and registers. Keeping the airways clean from dust and other particles that build up, such as pet dander, helps to improve overall efficiency and keeps the air in your home clean.
  7. Inspect all pipe insulation and condensate lines. Any damaged insulation should be replaced to ensure your system continues running at optimal efficiency. A condensate line, which is the small dripping line coming from your HVAC unit, can cause drainage issues in your home if it is not working correctly. Inspecting this line can save you from higher utility bills and damage to your home.

Let the trusted HVAC professionals at Clarksville Heating and Air ensure your system is ready for spring and help provide you with the comfort you deserve when the heat kicks in for summer.


2023 Regulations

2023 Regulations

Every six years the Department of Energy (DOE) reanalyzes the effects of energy usage, sets minimum efficiency requirements and manages the testing standards by which those efficiencies are measured. For 2023, the DOE is increasing the minimum efficiencies for central air conditioners and heat pumps.

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