Furnace Install

Furnace Replacement Howard County, Anne Arundel County, Surrounding Areas

When old man Winter meets your old, declining furnace, the deep freeze is imminent one day!  The Clarksville Heating & Air team of professionals offer installation, repairs and maintenance for most furnace models, and are trained in manufacturer-approved service that protects your system’s warranty status.

We can help you choose equipment that meets square footage, comfort and budget requirements. Our Clarksville Comfort advisors can provide options to consider:

Properly sizing the Furnace:

Undersized equipment affects furnace efficiency. Clarksville Heating & Air experts will perform a full load calculation on your home, calculate square footage,  number of windows and doors to properly size your furnace for your home.


Furnace Efficiency:

Furnaces are available in 80%, 90% or 95% efficiency.  The higher the efficiency, the lower the utility costs for your Howard County area home. Most old furnaces are 65% efficient, so any new furnace installed will typically provide a reduction in your gas bill.


Single Stage: How your older furnace works

No matter how cold it is outside, this furnace will always run at 100% capacity when it is on.  Traditional condensing furnaces are designed to operate at one level: High.  The thermostat in the house calls for heat, so the furnace comes on. Full power. It will run at full capacity until the thermostat is satisfied, then shut itself off.


2-Stage: The newer furnaces

The burner in a two stage furnace runs at two different levels: 65% for mild Maryland days and 100% capacity to combat Winter’s deep freeze days.   The more consistent airflow achieved by a 2-Stage Furnace results in quieter operation, more even temperature, enhanced indoor air quality, and increased furnace efficiency.  Two stage furnaces give buyers the best balance between cost and value.


Modulating: The top performing furnaces

Modulating furnaces provide the ultimate in both energy efficiency and comfort.  You can preserve your home’s temperature to within about ½ degree of your thermostat’s set point.  Temperature in every room remains consistent.  98% of the fuel that goes into the system returns as heat. But, being the most efficient and highest performing furnace also means  they are the most expensive.   If you plan to stay in your current home more than 5 years, invest in the modulating furnace.  It will pay for itself through savings in around 3 1/2 to 5 years, then you’ll have 15 more years or more of ongoing heating savings.


Motor Type

There are multiple motors to consider when purchasing a furnace. The three options are variable speed, high efficiency, and a standard motor. A standard motor is probably what runs your existing furnace now. The variable speed and high-efficiency motors will lower your electric consumption. The variable speed motor also operates very quietly.  Ask your Clarksville Comfort Advisor about the motor which is best for your furnace.


Clarksville Heating & Air can present a variety of options to meet your needs and budget and guarantee the installation will be correct.  With old fashioned customer service, we improve Life & Comfort for Howard County area homes.